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Momolu Minis

2D-animated digital series
based on the Momolu and Friends 2D-animated preschool series
produced by Ferly & CAKE Entertainment
created by Leena Fredriksson

A new digital series on YouTube. Based on the upcoming 2D-animated preschool series Momolu and Friends, the digital iteration will include early-learning videos, nursery rhymes and season specials for the younger audience.


The Story follows Momolu, a gentle, unassuming panda, who has a knack of stumbling into situations requiring his help. Momolu's friends experience their own set of everyday problems which are solved through creative thinking and collaboration.

Momolu helps other animals find solutions to their challenges by encouraging them to use their own skills and strenghts. By working together the animals discover, learn, make mistakes, have tons of fun, and always learn something about the design along the way.

Created by Leena Fredriksson

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